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Molokai’s Barrier Reef

Molokai Barrier Reef

Courtesy of CoastalLiving.com

The island of Molokai boasts the longest barrier reef in all of Hawaii – and if you’re a snorkeler or scuba diver, you don’t want to miss it!

Located off the island’s southern coast, the Molokai Barrier Reef is home to amazing species of coral and marine life that are guaranteed to impress.

The reef is a spectacular 30 miles long and the waters around it are crystal clear, which makes for an unforgettable scuba or snorkeling experience. The area truly is home to some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in Hawaii!

You are welcome to explore the reef on your own for free. All you need is snorkel or scuba gear, a buddy to go with (for safety’s sake), and hopefully an underwater camera so you can take home some pictures in addition to your fond memories.

You can also take a Molokai snorkeling tour or Molokai scuba diving tour. These are great if you want to go right to the best spots. The tour operators in the area have been running these tours for years and know just where to go to see the coolest coral and marine life.

In addition to dozens of species of colorful tropical fish, your visit to the Molokai Barrier Reef might include sightings of sea turtles, manta rays, and other exotic creatures that inhabit these pristine waters.

Molokai is less visited that the other Hawaiian islands, so if you’re looking for an amazing underwater experience without having to fight the crowds of Oahu or Maui, definitely check Molokai out!

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