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TV Shows Filmed in Hawaii

Hawaii has had a lot of talent grace its islands, including movie stars, famous singers and – yes – all kinds of television talent.

Here are just a few of the dozens of TV shows filmed in Hawaii over the years:

* Dog the Bounty Hunter * This is a crazy-popular (or just crazy?) reality show that’s been on the air since 2004 – and it’s filmed mostly in Hawaii and Colorado (Dog’s home state). If you’re a fan, you can come by his official store in Honolulu at Koko Marina Shopping Center for all kinds of fan memorabilia that has been endorsed by Dog and crew.

* Hawaii Five-O * Both the original series (on the air from 1968 to 1980) and the current remake call Hawaii home. The show follows a special police unit that fights crime in Hawaii. The remake of the show is in its third season and being broadcast in several countries throughout the world.

* Lost * This hit show was on TV from 2004 to 2010 and developed a serious following. The premise behind the show was that the characters were stuck on a deserted tropical island… but, in reality, they were actually filming the show on the very non-deserted tropical island of Oahu.

This is, of course, just a small sampling of the TV shows that have been filmed in Hawaii. There are actually a lot more that have been pretty famous over the years, like Magnum P.I., Gilligan’s Island, and Fantasy Island, just to name a few. Even Charlie’s Angels and the Brady Bunch have made cameos here!

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