Travel to Lanai

Travel to Lanai - "The Pineapple Island"

People from Lanai love the easy-going pace and the true sense of Ohana (family) one gets from a small community.


If you want to travel to Lanai, get ready to separate yourself and go enjoy the great outdoors!

Size: 140 Square Miles (6th largest island)

Population: 3,102 (2010)

Largest City: Lanai City

Travel to Lanai

Lanai City is more of a small town - almost all 3000 residents live in this plantation-era settlement.

Travel to Lanai- Points of Interest:

Shipwreck Beach - Final Resting Place of the London

Lanai Shipwreck Beach

The London reportedly lost its entire cargo of gold and silver. Too bad we can’t go snorkeling here!

Garden of the Gods - Lanai's Top Attraction

Garden of the Gods - Lanai's Top Attraction

The Garden of the Gods is no ordinary rock garden! The formations and colors you’ll see there are amazing, almost extraterrestrial.

Hulopoe Bay - World Class Beach on a Small Island

Hulopoe Bay

Check one of the most beautiful beaches in the world when you visit Lanai, Hulopoe Bay is located on Lanai’s south shore.

Travel to Lanai, and take in the sights: