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How to Choose the Hawaiian Island for You

Are you wondering where to go on your Hawaiian vacation? With 6 amazing (and very different!) islands to choose from, it’s not always easy. Here’s a quick run-down and how you can know which island is right for your Hawaii vacation. The Hawaiian Islands: 1) Oahu Probably Hawaii’s most famous island, Oahu is the home of […]

green flash

Ever heard of a ‘green flash’?

Ever heard of a ‘green flash’? It’s a phenomenon that occurs either at daybreak or sunset .. if you believe, at least!  There are different theories, but consider this one …  Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when light passes through one medium, such as air, into a denser medium, such as glass, it bends .. what we […]

A Royal Wedding at Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace is the only venue in the United States where you can have a legitimate royal wedding. This is because the palace is the only royal estate in the country! Since 1966, the ground of the palace have been maintained by the Friends of Iolani Palace. “The Friends” are a private non-profit, native Hawaiian […]

Take a Leap – South Point Big Island

Are you a thrill seeker who also wants to see some of the most beautiful scenery the Big Island has to offer? Make sure to check out the South Point cliff dive, near the town of Naalehu. This national historic landmark district offers an amazing vista of the southernmost part of Hawaii. Treat yourself to a […]

Spouting Horn on Kauai

Located on the south flank of Kauai is the majestic Spouting Horn, a blowhole formed by the island’s peculiar geological formation. Countless years of crashing waves have exposed a natural lava tube, which now serves as a funnel that jets an awesome spout of seawater 50 feet upwards. To access this amazing natural wonder, all […]

Was Captain Cook the first Western visitor to Hawaii?

Ever heard of Juan Gaetano? Some say that HE is the first European who first stumbled across Hawaii, not Captain James Cook, who is generally credited with the discovery. If it’s true, it means that Captain Cook lost the race by over two centuries. Captain Cook discovered Hawaii in 1778, but Juan Gaetano, a Spanish explorer, […]

Hawaii's State Flower - the Yellow Hibiscus

Hawaii’s State Flower: the Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow Hibiscus flowers are showy, fragrant, and exotic… just like Hawaii! It’s no wonder the hibiscus is our state flower. The hibiscus flower has been part of Hawaii since well before we became part of the 50 states. It was first adopted as a territorial emblem in the 1920s for its beauty and prevalence. In […]

Rice Mill Tour

The Haraguchi Rice Mill Tour: Kauai’s Best-Kept Secret?

Are you the kind of traveler who likes to go a little off-the-beaten path? Do you want to discover some of your destination’s best-kept secrets? On Kauai, you definitely don’t want to miss that Haraguchi Rice Mill Tour. This little-known tour consistently gets top reviews from the few who manage to secure a spot on […]

5 Things Hawaii Doesn’t Have (That You Didn’t Expect)

Hawaii is famous for all the things that it DOES have that the mainland DOESN’T, like tropical sun and sand, plus lots of unique flora and fauna. But what about the things that Hawaii doesn’t have? This little list may surprise you! 5 Things Hawaii Doesn’t Have (That You Didn’t Expect) 1) Snakes. In a tropical location […]

Green Sand Beach

Ever heard of a green sand beach?

Ever heard of a green sand beach? You might find some green sand in various beaches, but to find an all-green beach IS rare – only four in the world – one in Guam, one in Norway, one in the Galapagos, and the last one, called Papakolea, right here on the Island of Hawaii. Papakolea got […]