Hawaii is famous for all the things that it DOES have that the mainland DOESN'T, like tropical sun and sand, plus lots of unique flora and fauna. But what about the things that Hawaii doesn't have? This little list may surprise you!

5 Things Hawaii Doesn't Have (That You Didn't Expect)

1) Snakes.

In a tropical location like Hawaii, you might expect that snakes love to call these islands home. You would be wrong! By and large, there are no snakes in Hawaii (with one exception that is so small and harmless it is usually mistaken for an earthworm). The only legal place for snakes to live here is in the zoo, which means no pet snakes, either!

2) Billboards.

Have you ever noticed that there are no billboards in Hawaii? Why not? Well, perhaps the most important reason is that they obstruct the stunning views you can find from virtually every vantage point on the islands. Hawaii is not the only state to have this law (Vermont, Maine, and Alaska also have no billboards), but it is the first. The anti-billboard law is enshrined in hawaii state legislature §445-112 which states, "no person shall erect, maintain, or use a billboard or display any outdoor advertising device".

3) Daylight Savings Time.

Very few places in the United States of America do not observe Daylight Savings Time, and Hawaii is one of them (the other being parts of Arizona and outlying territories). Due to the island state's proximity to the equator, there is not very much difference in daylight between the summer and winter months. Whereas some states can have a variation of 6 hours of sunlight between January and July, while Hawaii only experiences 2 1/2.  The last bill on the subject was in 1933, but it was quickly repealed.

4) A State Police Agency.

Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. whose law enforcement is governed at the county level rather than the state level. This is due mainly to its geography - Hawaii is an archipelago without connecting roads. A statewide Sheriff's department exists, although its primary duty is to protect and secure prisoners, airports, and the capitol. Hawaii also doesn't have a state-run DMV here; each county takes care of its own population (but if you're thinking it changes the long lines, you would be wrong!).

5) An Ethnic Majority.

Hawaii prides itself in being a mixing pot for all walks of life, and its current population is very diverse. Hawaii is one of five majority-minority states, and is the only state that has never had a majority of Caucasians (similar to all current US territories).

Area White (all) Non-Hispanic White Asian American African American Hispanic or Latino American Native American Native Hawaiian Two or more races
Hawaii 24.7% 22.7% 38.6% 1.6% 8.9% 0.3% 10.0% 23.6%

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