Dole Pineapple Plantation – the World’s Largest Maze

The famous Dole Plantation is in the heart of Oahu near the town of Wahiawa. This historic 61-acre pineapple farm was founded in 1899 by James Drummond Dole, a Harvard grad eager to introduce large-scale farming to Hawaii.

Today, Dole Plantation is a fun family-oriented outing that includes a two-mile educational train ride, the charming Pineapple Express, through the pineapple fields and on a tour through the Plantation Garden.

Incidentally, if you’ve never seen a pineapple plant before, don’t be fooled by the pandanus tree which has a fruit resembling a pineapple. This tree has been dubbed “tourist pineapple” because many tourists confuse it for a pineapple prior to their visit to Dole Plantation. The pandanus tree’s fibers are used for weaving mats.

Hopefully you’ll take the time to try to beat the record to get through the world’s largest maze, appropriately shaped like a humongous pineapple! The paths through the maze are almost two and a half miles long, created by about 14,000 lovely Hawaiian plants. If you can make it through the maze quickly enough, you’ll get the honor of having your name carved on a sign at the maze’s entrance.

If you get hungry on your visit, stop by the Plantation Grille for lunch or just grab a cone of super-yummy Dole Whip.

The pineapples you’ll see at Dole Plantation are the same pineapples you’ll find eaten in Hawaii and exported to supermarkets all over the world.

You can learn where and how pineapples grow as well as the rich history of pineapples in Hawaii on your visit there. If you visit Dole Plantation’s website, you can also find great pineapple recipes and instructions for growing your very own pineapple plant!

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