Visit the Legendary Big Island Candies

One of the best places in Hawaii to indulge your sweet tooth is at Big Island Candies located on – you guessed it! – Hawaii’s Big Island.

Big Island Candies is most famous for it’s chocolate-dipped macadamia nut shortbread. Mmmm, is it good! They actually have a ton of signature shortbread varieties, including pineapple shortbread, coconut shortbread, green tea dipped shortbread and many, many more. They are so yummy and that’s really what put Big Island Candies on the map.

But shortbread is not all that Big Island Candies has to offer. You’ll find all kinds of made-on-site treats like pineapple manju, chocolate-covered peanut butter brownies,  macadamia nut biscotti, and a huge variety of hand-created chocolates and toffee. So good!

It all started in 1977 when a husband-and-wife team invested everything they had into a chocolate melter and a shrink wrap machine. Everything at Big Island Candies is exclusively made on the Big Island with pride and attention to detail, so that everything they sell looks and tastes amazing.

If you aren’t on the Big Island, don’t worry – Big Island Candies has a retail location in Ala Moana shopping center on Oahu that you can visit and pick up their authentic creations. But for an even more fun and delectable experience, it’s awesome if you can get yourself to their Hilo flagship factory right on the Big Island. Not only can you pick up treats there, but you can also take the awesome Big Island Candies factory tour where you get to see how your favorites are actually made. So much fun!

And if you’re not in Hawaii at all, don’t worry: Big Island Candies does mail orders. If you need a large order, such as for a wedding, they can do that too!

Photo Credit: newyork808 on Flickr

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