Wailua Falls

3 Reasons why we love Wailua Falls

3 Reasons We Love Wailua Falls

1) It’s easily accessible

Though Kauai's waterfalls are numerous, many of them are only viewable by helicopter or are tucked away on private property and therefore inaccessible. Wailua Falls is spectacular and it’s also right by the side of the road, which is amazing.

The ease of access of Wailua means that you not have to shell out for a pricey heli tour. (If it's in your budget you should try it!). This also means that you can see the splendor of the falls without a hike It’s an ideal sightseeing excursion for families traveling with kids or people with mobility issues.

2) It’s impressive

Unlike a lot of easily accessible waterfalls, Wailua is truly impressive. Even though it’s right on the side of the road, it's AMAZING. If the flow isn’t too strong, you’ll get to see them separately; but if there is a lot of water, you will see a massive gush, which is spectacular. Sometimes there is so much water there is even actually a third stream!

These falls are about 85 feet tall, which is impressive in its own right, and they plummet down into a deep, round 30-foot natural pool. A beautiful sight to behold!

3) It’s iconic

Wailua Falls might look familiar to you if you were ever a fan of the TV show Fantasy Island. Yep, these are the very falls that were featured in the opening credits of the show. If you’re a fan, this is a must-see!

But even if you aren’t into Fantasy Island, Wailua Falls are still iconic because they represent the heart of Hawaii: roaring falls cascading into an amazing pool surrounded by lush, tropical scenery. Better still, if you go at the right time on a sunny day (usually early morning), you might see amazing rainbows stretching across the waterfalls. How awesome is that?

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