yellow hibiscus

State Flower of Hawaii: the Hibiscus

Yellow Hibiscus flowers are showy, fragrant, and exotic... just like Hawaii! It's no wonder the hibiscus was selected as our state flower.

The hibiscus flower has been honored in Hawaii since well before we officially became part of the 50 states. It was first adopted as a territorial emblem in the 1920s because of its beauty and prevalence throughout Hawaii. In 1959, when Hawaii achieved statehood, the hibiscus came along as its symbol.

However, it wasn't until 1988 that the native yellow hibiscus officially became Hawaii's state flower. Prior to that date, you would see all types and colors of hibiscus used to represent Hawaii, but since then you will see the yellow hibiscus represented most often (such as on postcards, travel brochures, etc).

yellow hibiscus

Since 1988, the state flower of Hawaii has been the Yellow Hibiscus.

Not only are hibiscus flowers beautiful, but they are useful and versatile as well. Here are some cool hibiscus tips:

  • For a unique taste of hibiscus, try making a hibiscus syrup and then mixing a little with your favorite champagne for a unique and refreshing treat.
  • The flowers themselves are edible and can be eaten candied or dried.
  • Hibiscus tea is extremely popular.
  • The flowers are known for their health benefits: hibiscus is high in vitamin C and reported to help lower blood pressure.
  • You can use hibiscus to make paper.
  • Hibiscus flowers also attract beautiful butterflies and and bees, of course.

If your resort has hibiscus plants about, stop for a moment to admire their beauty and usefulness as a plant!

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