10 Things to do before you leave home for Hawaii

If you are coming to the beautiful state of Hawaii for a weekend or a month, here are 10 things to do before you get here.

1. Sign up with Hawaii Tourism Authority's website.

Receive up-to-date info from HTA, should there be a crisis while you are visiting Hawaii.  Their role is to act as a liaison between government agencies and Hawaii's visitor industry to provide information that is pertinent to visitors.

2. Thin down your wallet.

Your library card won’t be of any use in Hawaii, so thin WAY down - even to a smaller wallet or case for cards only.

  • bring the basics only:
    • license
    • health card
    • credit card
    • passport if necessary
10 Things to do before you leave home for Hawaii

Bring only the basics and thank yourself later!

3. Leave a photocopy of said above documents...

with someone at home, or someplace safe that someone at home can access - just in case misfortune befalls you and you have a loss of ID or wallet.

4. Phone your credit card company...

and let them know you are going on vacation, and give them dates and where you’re going.  If you don’t it can be a real hassle in a store while they verify that you aren’t using a stolen card.

5. Copy your flight itinerary and reservation numbers and travel agent's phone number...

and leave one at home so your family knows where to find you.  Stash the other in an alternate piece of luggage other than where your actual travel documents are.  Again - you never know when something could go awry or missing and it’ll be a relief to have a set of duplicate documents.

6. Set lights on timers at home...

so your house still looks lived in at night.

10 Things to do before you leave home for Hawaii

Light timers are sold in most general stores.

7. Put the newspaper delivery and mail on hold.  

Nothing lets thieves know you’re away like newspapers piling up outside or mail piling up in your mailbox.

8. Do NOT post on social media how excited you are to be going on vacation...

unless you have someone staying in your home.  

10 Things to do before you leave home for Hawaii

Don't tip off the burglars on social media!

9.  Have someone check your house regularly...

Check with your home insurance company to find out how often this needs to be done to ensure you are always fully covered.

10. Unplug your TV and computers.

 Just in case there’s a big storm - you don’t want a power surge wiping out your electronics, or worse yet, starting a fire. 

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