Hawaiian Islands - Papohaku Beach Park

One of the longest beach in Hawaii? Papohaku Beach Park on Molokai

Visit Papohaku Beach Park on the tranquil island of Molokai. Interestingly, one of Hawaii’s longest beaches is also one of its least frequented.

Its soft white sands stretch a whopping three miles. In places, the beach is 100 yards wide! This is plenty of space for plenty of people, though the beach is often all but deserted.

After you’ve set yourself up for a chilled out beach day at Papohaku Beach Park, sit back and enjoy the view. Across the water, you’ll see the busy island of Oahu, worlds away (at least in terms of lifestyle, if not distance!) from Molokai. Several years ago, when the island was building up tourism in Waikiki, Oahu actually borrowed a bunch of the soft sand from Papohaku to help build up its beaches.

While you’re there, you can build sandcastles, beachcomb, swim (when the surf is calm only!) Watch the monster waves (in the winter months – no swimming allowed!), picnic, enjoy a sunset. Essentially, everything you’d expect from an idyllic beach day.

So why is a paradise like Papohaku Beach Park so deserted most of the time? Simple: it’s on Molokai.

Molokai, known as “the friendly island,” is not nearly as popular of a tourist destination as other Hawaii hotspots. That's because it isn’t all “built up” to attract tourists. When you come to Molokai, you are getting the real Hawaii!

Papohaku Beach Park features campsites as well as showers, both indoor and outdoor. Please observe any signage you see, as currents and shore breaks can be dangerous especially in winter months.

Image by Forest & Kim Starr

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