Lanai Shipwreck Beach

The Beautifully Haunting Lanai Shipwreck Beach

You can almost imagine what it was like for pirates and buccaneers plying the dangerous waters off Lanai’s northeastern coast when you visit Lanai Shipwreck Beach.

The many vessels that have sunk off its sandy shores have given the Lanai Shipwreck Beach its name. Thanks to ocean topography and Hawaii’s famous tradewinds, the waters of the Kalohi Channel are very dangerous for ships.

That means they’re also dangerous for people, but the name should tell you that!  The waters off Lanai Shipwreck Beach are absolutely not swimmable.  The extremely strong currents and sharp coral means you must stay on shore.

Lanai Shipwreck Beach

Do not attempt to swim out!

When you go there, there is still plenty to offer travelers to Lanai, not the least of which is an enormous World War II ship. The Liberty II wrecked itself on the coral in full view just a little ways offshore.

The Liberty II is just one of the many ships for which the Kaholi Channel became a final resting place.  Another famous wreck occurred in 1826, when an American vessel called The London, struck hard against coral.

The London reportedly lost its entire cargo of gold and silver. Too bad we can’t go snorkeling here!

On the beach itself, you’ll delight in combing for highly polished seashells and other treasures.  It’s a great spot for picnics, fishing or simply soaking up some sun.  If you’re into hiking, there’s a trailhead that starts at the beach.

Whether you’re into beachcombing, taking some amazing photos, exploring history, or simply catching some ZZZs under our gorgeous Hawaiian sun, be sure to include a visit to the Lanai Shipwreck Beach!

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