Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls – Quintessential Oahu

If you are looking for an iconic, ultra-Hawaiian experience?

Look no further than Waimea Falls in stunning Waimea Valley on Oahu’s North Shore.

This 45-foot waterfall cascades into a large pool, which you can swim in… so if your bucket list includes swimming at the foot of a waterfall like they do in the movies, Waimea Falls has got you covered!

Waimea Falls – also called Waihi Falls – is located in Waimea Valley. Entrance requires a paid ticket to enter. Once inside, there are many wonderful things to do and see. But the falls are definitely a highlight. It’s a pleasant one-mile walk to the falls through lush, vibrant botanical gardens. You will mostly be on shady, paved roadways, which makes the walk ideal for those with mobility issues.

Waimea Falls’ pool has a lifeguard, so if you are swimming, you will enjoy a bit of extra safety. Many natural pools in Hawaii do not have lifeguards. Just make sure to not drink the water or swim with open sores or wounds due to the presence of leptospirosis in Hawaii’s freshwater streams and pools.

Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls might not be the biggest at 45 feet, but it ranks among the most accessible.

Expert tip: to see the falls at their most impressive, try to go after a big rain. Avoid going after a long dry spell. Waterfalls in Hawaii are very sensitive to the amount of rainfall their locations receive. The more rain, the bigger the waterfall! During a drought, the falls might not be much more than a trickle. The day after a rainstorm is a fantastic time to visit!



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