Pink Hawaiian Salt

Why is Pink Hawaiian Salt Pink?

Pink Hawaiian Salt is a specialty food that chefs and foodies have recognized around the world.

It has a distinguished taste and the ability to enhance all kinds of dishes.

Of course, one of the coolest things about Hawaiian pink sea salt is its distinct color: yes, it’s pink! The reason that Hawaiian sea salt is pink is because of the water it’s cultivated in. The earth is tinged with the mineral alaea, which is red clay that comes from volcanoes. The clay is red because of the highly-pigmented iron oxide. As the seawater evaporates and the salt is left behind, the iron oxide dyes the salt. This process results in its unique pink color, which sometimes also has a rusty hue. (It’s the same mineral that’s responsible for the famous Hawaiian red dirt shirts.

Pink Hawaiian Salt

This volcanic red clay doesn’t just turn the salt pink. It’s also responsible for the mild, earthy flavor that Hawaiian pink sea salt is famous for. It’s that special flavor that has made the salt so popular in a variety of Hawaiian culinary traditional dishes, like Kalua Pork, Poke, and more.

Chefs all over the world also love it to season their own dishes, everything from prime rib to fine chocolates.

Pink Hawaiian Salt is also used in a variety of personal care products. You can find it in bath salts and scrubs, so it’s a really fun souvenir to bring home with you. Pink Hawaiian Salt also makes a fabulous gift. Buy little jars of it for your foodie friends or bring back some special bath products for the ladies.

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